Shambala Proposal

Suck my Rock presents: Pram Bam, Thank You Ma'am

We’ve put together a 3D model below which gives an indication of how we see the structure. We’ve designed the integrity of the pram to hold 300KG which should give us plenty of margin to hold two adults and contingency in case someone jumps onto it while moving, although crowd control will also be a key role of the nannies. Key to the design process has been consulting a veteran go-kart designer who also worked as a mechanic during the Dakar rally, so is well accustomed to engineering for extreme environments, so we feel we have an approach that is robust, easy to dismantle and large enough to carry all of the accessories we would need for a truly fun and interactive walkabout.

The chassis would be constructed out of steel square tubing with 4 off-road (second hand) wheelchair wheels used to provide the strength and grip required, while also allowing us to attach them using a single-sided axle, for a cleaner look. Power comes from second-hand wheelchair motors with steering at the rear to allow the nannies to see safely ahead when they’re going forwards and the babies to drive if needed in reverse. For safety, the system can only be operated by depressing on the rear handle and the speed will be capped to 3KM/h. There will be kill switches internally on both sides that can be operated by the babies and on both sides externally by the nannies and the breaking system will also be lifted from electric wheelchairs, automatically engaging when the bar comes back into the upright position.

The exterior of the pram is fully skinnable with different removable fascias being applied depending on what routine we’re executing at the time. For example, all of the games would be branded down the sides to generate some hype with accompanying music and co-ordinated dance routines between the nannies and the babies, for example, some early ideas:

Guess Poo

After one of the babies soils themselves, we would start a rehearsed routine which would lead into the nappy being brought out for inspection. Other nappies also ‘soiled’ would be brought out with a mixture of substances within them to be identified by the crowd in return for prizes. It would end with the baby being punished for soiling itself, having to eat the contents of it’s nappy.

No-one puts baby in the corner

Basically a mobile dance-off. The baby will start getting gobby with potentials to be heavily reprimanded by the nannies. This will escalate, culminating in being punished by having to dance vs. the protagonist (could be a baby breaddance battle) A cordon will then be created around the pram (‘the corner’) and the baby will be sent to it to compete.

Hit me baby, one more time

Top-hat boxing but with bonnets. Comedy foam boxing gloves are brought out and both have to knock each other’s hats off.

Feeding time

Feeding frenzy where the baby goes head to head with competitor, having to empty one each of the fake boobs with some liquid TBC.

Baby driver

A small course is mapped out around the pram complete with finishing line and baby v. competitor have to navigate around the course on tiny trikes while avoiding the hazards created by the nannies and their water-jet breasts.