Shambala Proposal

Suck my Rock presents: Pram Bam, Thank You Ma'am

We are a team of designers, producers, and creatives who have been friends for years and who work under the banner ‘Suck My Rock’. Many of our jobs involve managing complicated projects.

We have been active in the British and international festival circuit for many years, and have variously worked on: Suicide Hill for several years at SGP and wrote many of the games for Bearded Kitten at the Collisillyum. In 2013 we designed and built a Police Pedalo for the Canalival party on the Regents Canal. We ran live photo booths at Burning Man Decompressions for several years and planned and built the Pirate Ship which we took to many UK festivals up to 2017, including leading the parade twice at Bestival, and even made it over to Nowhere in Spain. Games and activities have been a mainstay of all of the festivals we have participated in.  There is a film of the ship build and some of the games and photo boothes we have run below (Password: SMR)