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Bristol balloon fiesta over the suspension bridge


This photo was just shortlisted and displayed at the Bristol Places Art Exhibition, one of only a dozen art-pieces selected!

This was taken one beautiful morning at the suspension bridge a couple of years ago, just after dawn. It is a composite image from about 80 photos I took, all from the same position but from different angles and meticulously blended together during days of post-production.

It’s one of my most favourite creations and is hugely personal as my grandfather protected the bridge during the war as part of the Home Guard as he was was too old to fight.

This is a Giglee print, using top of the range Epson printers, and is regarded as one of the best forms of digital print on the market, utilising archival inks and papers, the same process used by museums. These are limited edition prints provided in a window-mount, assembled by hand, signed and provided with a certificate of authenticity. The print runs are as follows:

Medium Limited run of 100
Large Limited run of 50
Extra Large Limited run of 10

Images shown are for reference purposes only and whilst every effort has been made to represent the print colours accurately on-screen, colours may change slightly on the print itself. The image crop is approximate and is shown in a 70cm x 50cm frame. The crop for other sizes will vary. Please note that a frame is not included with this item.